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Hair Placement How-toStep-by-Step Instructions


What You Will Need

  • A Mirror
  • A Spray Bottle w/Water
  • Vent Brush
  • ProTouch Adjust A-Bond
  • Washable Marker or Comb

Step One

Find the right location

Locate the front and center most spot on your forehead where your growing hairline would naturally begin. To find that spot on your forehead raise your eyebrows as if your’re looking up at the ceiling. Gently run your fingers along your forehead until you find the area where the soft facial tissue meets the harder cranial tissue.

Your hairline will begin approximately 1/2 inch above this border of hard and soft tissue. Hold your index finger directly on the edge of the softer tissue, using your nose as the center point. With your other hand, mark a spot above your finger.

Step Two

Apply Adjust A-Bond

After your guide point is marked in the center of your forehead use Adjust A-Bond and generously spray down your scalp. This is crucial because the alcohol will give you a few extra moments after the unit is placed onto your head to adjust it into the right position.

This is an essential step! Without it, the unit may immediately stick to your scalp as soon as it makes contact with your skin. This will make a terrible mess and a terribly crooked hair system.

Step Three

Begin placement

You are now ready for placement. Grasp both sides of the hair system and slowly lower the unit down onto your head so that the entire base touches your scalp at about the same time.

Once resting on your head, you should be able to move it freely over your scalp in all directions until it is aligned with your forehead guide dot or indentation and all around the edges of your natural growing hair.

Wait several minutes for the alcohol to evaporate and then you can begin carefully patting or pushing down on the unit to better secure the bond and hair system into place.

Step Four

Style to preferred sexiness

At this point your hair system should be securely attached and positioned nicely where it belongs, covering your balding area. The very last step is to wet down the hair and using either a Vent Brush or your fingers, style your doo until you reach your perfect level of sexiness!

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